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Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

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Caddisfly Genus Limnephilus (Summer Flier Sedge)

This prolific genus is most important in lakes, spring ponds, and beaver ponds, but some of its species do well enough in spring creeks and slow pools to be important to trout there.

Where & when

Time of year : Late spring through fall

Preferred waters: Mostly stillwater; some species inhabit slow streams

Most of these species emerge in late spring or early summer, but the adults are not mature (sort of like mayfly duns, except they don't need to molt again). They mature over the summer and mate in the fall.

According to Swisher and Richards in Selective Trout, some Limnephilus species are multibrooded, with one spring generation and one fall generation. This seems very strange for a large caddisfly, and I wonder if they mistook the spring emergence and fall egg-laying for different broods.

In 1967 records from GBIF, adults of this genus have mostly been collected during July (26%), June (24%), May (17%), August (15%), September (7%), and April (5%).

In 1099 records from GBIF, this genus has been collected at elevations ranging from -30 to 38927 ft, with an average (median) of 1047 ft.

Genus Range

Egg-Laying behavior

LaFontaine writes in Caddisflies that they lay their eggs "near the water."

Larva & pupa biology

Shelter type: Thick tubes of stone, sand, bark, or wood

Specimens of the Caddisfly Genus Limnephilus

1 Adult
1 Male Adult
1 Female Adult
5 Larvae

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Caddisfly Genus Limnephilus (Summer Flier Sedge)

» Genus Limnephilus (Summer Flier Sedges)
102 species (Limnephilus abbreviatus, Limnephilus acnestus, Limnephilus acrocurvus, Limnephilus acula, Limnephilus adapus, Limnephilus ademus, Limnephilus alberta, Limnephilus alconura, Limnephilus alvatus, Limnephilus apache, Limnephilus aretto, Limnephilus argenteornatus, Limnephilus argenteus, Limnephilus arizona, Limnephilus assimilis, Limnephilus atercus, Limnephilus bifidus, Limnephilus bucketti, Limnephilus canadensis, Limnephilus castor, Limnephilus catula, Limnephilus cerus, Limnephilus challisa, Limnephilus chavas, Limnephilus chilcotinensis, Limnephilus cockerelli, Limnephilus coloradensis, Limnephilus concolor, Limnephilus congener, Limnephilus diphyes, Limnephilus dispar, Limnephilus diversa, Limnephilus ectus, Limnephilus elongatus, Limnephilus extractus, Limnephilus fagus, Limnephilus femoralis, Limnephilus fenestrata, Limnephilus fumosus, Limnephilus gioia, Limnephilus granti, Limnephilus hageni, Limnephilus harrimani, Limnephilus hyalinus, Limnephilus infernalis, Limnephilus innuitorum, Limnephilus insularis, Limnephilus isobela, Limnephilus janus, Limnephilus kalama, Limnephilus kennicotti, Limnephilus labus, Limnephilus litha, Limnephilus loloensis, Limnephilus lopho, Limnephilus lunonus, Limnephilus miser, Limnephilus moestus, Limnephilus morrisoni, Limnephilus moselyi, Limnephilus neoacula, Limnephilus nigriceps, Limnephilus nimmoi, Limnephilus nogus, Limnephilus occidentalis, Limnephilus ornatus, Limnephilus pallens, Limnephilus partitus, Limnephilus parvulus, Limnephilus peltus, Limnephilus perjurus, Limnephilus perpusillus, Limnephilus picturatus, Limnephilus plaga, Limnephilus productus, Limnephilus rhombica, Limnephilus rohweri, Limnephilus rossi, Limnephilus rothi, Limnephilus sackeni, Limnephilus saltus, Limnephilus samoedus, Limnephilus sansoni, Limnephilus santanus, Limnephilus secludens, Limnephilus selatus, Limnephilus sierrata, Limnephilus sitchensis, Limnephilus solidus, Limnephilus stigma, Limnephilus sublunatus, Limnephilus susana, Limnephilus sylviae, Limnephilus taloga, Limnephilus taronus, Limnephilus tarsalis, Limnephilus toussainti, Limnephilus tulatus, Limnephilus uintah, Limnephilus valhalla, Limnephilus vernalis, and Limnephilus whiteheadi) aren't included.
Genus Range
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