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Lateral view of a Male Baetis (Baetidae) (Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly Dun from Mystery Creek #43 in New York
Blue-winged Olives

Tiny Baetis mayflies are perhaps the most commonly encountered and imitated by anglers on all American trout streams due to their great abundance, widespread distribution, and trout-friendly emergence habits.

Dorsal view of a Neoleptophlebia (Leptophlebiidae) Mayfly Nymph from the Yakima River in Washington
Some characteristics from the microscope images for the tentative species id: The postero-lateral projections are found only on segment 9, not segment 8. Based on the key in Jacobus et al. (2014), it appears to key to Neoleptophlebia adoptiva or Neoleptophlebia heteronea, same as this specimen with pretty different abdominal markings. However, distinguishing between those calls for comparing the lengths of the second and third segment of the labial palp, and this one (like the other one) only seems to have two segments. So I'm stuck on them both. It's likely that the fact that they're immature nymphs stymies identification in some important way.
27" brown trout, my largest ever. It was the sub-dominant fish in its pool. After this, I hooked the bigger one, but I couldn't land it.
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grass valley

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Yubablue on Nov 26, 2017November 26th, 2017, 6:20 am EST
I just bought a ROSS Cimmarron V, probably 4-6yrs old, [ not a new Cimmarron II series] and spare reel for mostly local stream fishing. my 3 rods are 7'7'' - - - 8'5'' - - ....... 3,5 & 6wt .

Is there any reason I shouldn't. ??


it's the V, slightly larger dia/ weight than a III ?
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York & Starlight PA

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Wbranch on Nov 26, 2017November 26th, 2017, 9:44 am EST
Shouldn't what? Use the Ross for a lighter line than you think it was designed for?

No problem. As long as you still think the Ross will balance well with your rods. "Balance" is pretty subjective but when I put my index finger up near the first cork on the grip I like the rod & reel to stay in the horizontal plane.

Catskill fly fisher for fifty-five years.
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Posts: 148
Iasgair on Nov 28, 2017November 28th, 2017, 12:41 am EST
I agree with Westbranch, it shouldn't hurt anything. Might be a little big for the 3wt, but the 5 and 6wt rods it should balance ok if that's important to you.

The Ross Cimarrons have always been great reels so you are getting a very good reel. All my reels are Ross and I have no complaints at all.

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