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Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

Rheotanytarsus Midge Larva Pictures

This peculiar midge lived in a case tightly fixed to a rock, with several others of its kind. The case seems to be made of tiny grains of sand. I'm not sure what the function is for the little lines sticking out the front, because they aren't legs.

This midge was collected from Cayuta Creek in New York on April 14th, 2007 and added to Troutnut.com by Troutnut on April 22nd, 2007.

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lines on front
1 replies
Posted by Mike28 on Mar 27, 2014
Last reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Entoman
I have a small tank with some of these on the rocks and noticed the midges coming out and cleaning the lines so I talked to my stream ecology professor and he told me I have rheotanytarsus and along those lines there are small lines of silk that they use to collect food just in case anyone was still wondering.
3 replies
Posted by DMM on Apr 22, 2007
Last reply on Apr 23, 2007 by Troutnut
I believe this is Rheotanytarsus

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