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Tiny Baetis mayflies are perhaps the most commonly encountered and imitated by anglers on all American trout streams due to their great abundance, widespread distribution, and trout-friendly emergence habits.

Stonefly Family Peltoperlidae (Roachflies)

These stoneflies, known for their roach-like shape, are not really mentioned in books about angling. They are a major component of the invertebrate fauna in a few streams, which are presumably few and far between. Since their robust shape is so distinct, I speculate that a special nymph pattern would pay off on the rare waters where they are major insects.

Specimens of the Stonefly Family Peltoperlidae

3 Nymphs
1 Male Adult
Male Tallaperla maria (Roachfly) Stonefly Adult
The adult stoneflies of this family look surprisingly normal given the strange shape of the nymphs. I tried to identify it beyond family level 15 years after collecting it, based on my photos, which are not ideal. It's difficult even to tell the gender for sure because I don't have a good picture of the terminalia, but the body size suggests it's a male, and the species ranges suggest either Peltoperla arcuata or a male Tallaperla maria. One distinctive feature of the original description of this species is that the antennae are paler for a short distance beyond the first two thick, dark segments. That can be seen on this specimen and on a specimen on BugGuide identified as Tallaperla maria.
1 Adult

5 Streamside Pictures of Peltoperlidae Stoneflies:

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