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Hex Mayflies
Hexagenia limbata

The famous nocturnal Hex hatch of the Midwest (and a few other lucky locations) stirs to the surface mythically large Brown Trout that only touch streamers for the rest of the year.

> The American River

This page refers to the small American River that flows eastward from headwaters near Mount Ranier in Washington to join the Naches, Yakima, and Columbia rivers.

Although it is known to have some trout, I have not had good luck fishing here.

Landscape & scenery photos from the American River

Closeup insects by Troutnut from the American River in Washington

Female Drunella grandis (Western Green Drake) Mayfly Dun
I collected this specimen while away from all my good photography equipment except the camera and one of my macro lenses, so I made do. The lighting is from lamps in a hotel room, so it was hard to edit for really true colors, but I tried to get as close as possible. The body was 13 mm long, wing 19 mm long.
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