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Hex Mayflies
Hexagenia limbata

The famous nocturnal Hex hatch of the Midwest (and a few other lucky locations) stirs to the surface mythically large Brown Trout that only touch streamers for the rest of the year.

Caddisfly Genus Nectopsyche (White Millers)

The common name White Miller is usually applied to this entire genus, although it was created for the very prolific species Nectopsyche albida. Some of the other species are darker-colored.

Most of the adult activity, both emergence and egg-laying, takes place during the middle of the night. There is some rare overlap with the low-light hours of dusk and dawn, but this genus really belongs to the night fishermen.

Where & when

Time of year : Late July to mid-August in the Upper Midwest

Hatching behavior

Time of day : Dusk to dawn

Egg-Laying behavior

Time of day: Dusk to nighttime

Larva & pupa biology

Current speed: Slow

Substrate: Vegetation

Specimens of the Caddisfly Genus Nectopsyche

1 Adult
Nectopsyche (White Millers) Caddisfly Adult
This is Nectopsyche lahontensis.

3 Streamside Pictures of Nectopsyche Caddisflies:

Recent Discussions of Nectopsyche

Moved from genus level to N. albida
Posted by Entoman on Jun 15, 2014 in the species Nectopsyche albida
Last reply on Jun 15, 2014 by Entoman
It is my understanding that wing maculation is quite distinctive and consistent in this genus thus allowing species identification using this character. This specimen has been at the genus level for many years and somehow slipped through the cracks.;)
White Miller Bug
3 replies
Posted by MIKE54 on May 3, 2013 in the species Nectopsyche albida
Last reply on May 4, 2013 by Adirman
Where did the name "White Miller" come from, for the caddis bug in the warm Yellowstone waters? I am not interested in the east coast mayfly with the same name. Thanks, Mike Miller.

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Nectopsyche diarinaWhite Miller00
Nectopsyche exquisitaWhite Miller00
11 species (Nectopsyche candida, Nectopsyche coloradensis, Nectopsyche gracilis, Nectopsyche lahontanensis, Nectopsyche minuta, Nectopsyche paludicola, Nectopsyche pavida, Nectopsyche spiloma, Nectopsyche stigmatica, Nectopsyche tavara, and Nectopsyche texana) aren't included.
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