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Lateral view of a Male Baetis (Baetidae) (Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly Dun from Mystery Creek #43 in New York
Blue-winged Olives

Tiny Baetis mayflies are perhaps the most commonly encountered and imitated by anglers on all American trout streams due to their great abundance, widespread distribution, and trout-friendly emergence habits.

Dorsal view of a Holocentropus (Polycentropodidae) Caddisfly Larva from the Yakima River in Washington
This one seems to tentatively key to Holocentropus, although I can't make out the anal spines in Couplet 7 of the Key to Genera of Polycentropodidae Larvae nor the dark bands in Couplet 4 of the Key to Genera of Polycentropodidae Larvae, making me wonder if I went wrong somewhere in keying it out. I don't see where that could have happened, though. It might also be that it's a very immature larva and doesn't possess all the identifying characteristics in the key yet. If Holocentropus is correct, then Holocentropus flavus and Holocentropus interruptus are the two likely possibilities based on range, but I was not able to find a description of their larvae.
27" brown trout, my largest ever. It was the sub-dominant fish in its pool. After this, I hooked the bigger one, but I couldn't land it.
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Derek1019 on Mar 29, 2016March 29th, 2016, 7:28 pm EDT
I'm new to fly fishing just got a st. Croix 5weight rod and any pointers are appreciated especially what flies to use
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Plano, TX

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Taxon on Mar 30, 2016March 30th, 2016, 12:31 am EDT
Hi Derek-

Welcome aboard, and congratulations on your new rod purchase. However, you would really need to tell us more about what type of fish you will be seeking, and whether you will be fishing lakes or rivers or saltwater beaches, etc. in order to provide you useful information concerning choice of flies to use.

Of course, it would also be useful to know (at least) what geographic area you are from. I suggest you update your profile with that info.

Best regards,
Best regards,
Roger Rohrbeck

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