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Artistic view of a Male Pteronarcys californica (Pteronarcyidae) (Giant Salmonfly) Stonefly Adult from the Gallatin River in Montana
Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

27" brown trout, my largest ever. It was the sub-dominant fish in its pool. After this, I hooked the bigger one, but I couldn't land it.
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Caddisfly Species Rhyacophila lobifera (Green Sedges)

Where & when

Time of year : May and June

This species is reportedly most common in Pennsylvania and New York.

In 29 records from GBIF, adults of this species have mostly been collected during April (45%), May (31%), March (10%), and June (7%).

In 25 records from GBIF, this species has been collected at elevations ranging from 374 to 4183 ft, with an average (median) of 2805 ft.

Species Range

Egg-Laying behavior

Gary LaFontaine reports in Caddisflies that adults of this species may gather in tight balls and float along on the surface. I have observed this peculiar behavior in other caddisfly species, and I assume it has something to do with mating.

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  • LaFontaine, Gary. 1981. Caddisflies. The Lyons Press.

Caddisfly Species Rhyacophila lobifera (Green Sedges)

Species Range
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