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Hex Mayflies
Hexagenia limbata

The famous nocturnal Hex hatch of the Midwest (and a few other lucky locations) stirs to the surface mythically large Brown Trout that only touch streamers for the rest of the year.

True Fly Family Chironomidae (Midges)

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Specimens of Midges:

1 Male Adult
Male Stictochironomus  Midge Adult
This midge and several like it, including a female I also photographed, hatched from larvae which were living in some fine mud I'm using as substrate in my bug-rearing aquarium.
5 Adults
1 Female Adult
Female Chironomidae (Midges) True Fly Adult
This midge and several like it, including a male I also photographed, hatched from larvae which were living in some fine mud I'm using as substrate in my bug-rearing aquarium. This one flew away before I could photograph it on the ruler, but it would have measured slightly smaller than the male.
3 Pupae
18 Larvae


» Family Chironomidae (Midges)
Genus in Chironomidae
194 genera (Abiskomyia, Ablabesmyia, Acamptocladius, Acricotopus, Alotanypus, Antillocladius, Apedilum, Apometriocnemus, Apsectrotanypus, Arctodiamesa, Arctopelopia, Asheum, Axarus, Baeoctenus, Beardius, Beckidia, Bethbilbeckia, Boreochlus, Boreoheptagyia, Brillia, Brundiniella, Bryophaenocladius, Camptocladius, Cantopelopia, Cardiocladius, Chaetocladius, Chasmatonotus, Chernovskiia, Cladopelma, Cladotanytarsus, Clinotanypus, Clunio, Coelotanypus, Compteromesa, Compterosmittia, Conchapelopia, Constempellina, Corynocera, Corynoneura, Cricotopus, Cryptochironomus, Cryptotendipes, Cyphomella, Demeijerea, Demicryptochironomus, Denopelopia, Derotanypus, Diamesa, Dicrotendipes, Diplocladius, Diplosmittia, Djalmabatista, Doithrix, Doncricotopus, Einfeldia, Endochironomus, Endotribelos, Epoicladius, Eretmoptera, Eukiefferiella, Euryhapsis, Fittkauimyia, Georthocladius, Gillotia, Glyptotendipes, Goeldichironomus, Guttipelopia, Gymnometriocnemus, Halocladius, Harnischia, Hayesomyia, Heleniella, Helopelopia, Heterotanytarsus, Heterotrissocladius, Hudsonimyia, Hydrobaenus, Hyporhygma, Kiefferulus, Kloosia, Krenopelopia, Krenosmittia, Labrundinia, Lappodiamesa, Larsia, Lasiodiamesa, Lauterborniella, Limnophyes, Lipurometriocnemus, Lopescladius, Macropelopia, Meropelopia, Mesocricotopus, Mesosmittia, Metriocnemus, Microchironomus, Micropsectra, Microtendipes, Monodiamesa, Monopelopia, NAnocladius, Natarsia, Nilotanypus, Nilothauma, Nimbocera, Odontomesa, Oliveridia, Omisus, Oreadomyia, Orthocladius, PSeudokiefferiella, Pagastia, Pagastiella, Paraboreochlus, Parachaetocladius, Parachironomus, Paracladius, Paracladopelma, Paracricotopus, Parakiefferiella, Paralauterborniella, Paralimnophyes, Paramerina, Parametriocnemus, Paraphaenocladius, Parasmittia, Paratanytarsus, Paratendipes, Paratrichocladius, Paratrissocladius, Parochlus, Pentaneura, Phaenopsectra, Platysmittia, Plhudsonia, Polypedilum, Potthastia, Procladius, Protanypus, Psectrocladius, Psectrotanypus, Pseudochironomus, Pseudodiamesa, Pseudorthocladius, Pseudosmittia, Psilometriocnemus, Radotanypus, Rheocricotopus, Rheomyia, Rheopelopia, Robackia, Saetheria, Saetheriella, Sergentia, Skutzia, Smittia, Stackelbergina, Stelechomyia, Stempellina, Stempellinella, Stilocladius, Sublettea, Sublettiella, Symbiocladius, Sympotthastia, Synendotendipes, Synorthocladius, Tanypus, Tanytarsus, Tavastia, Telmatogeton, Telopelopia, Tethymyia, Thalassosmittia, Thanossomya, Thienemannia, Thienemanniella, Thienemannimyia, Tokunagaia, Tribelos, Trichochilus, Trichocladius, Trichotanypus, Trissopelopia, Tvetenia, Unniella, Vivacricotopus, Xenochironomus, Xenopelopia, Xestochironomus, Xylotopus, Zalutschia, Zavreliella, and Zavrelimyia) aren't included.
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