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Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

Mayfly Genus Paraleptophlebia (Blue Quills)

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Specimens of the Mayfly Genus Paraleptophlebia

5 Male Spinners
4 Female Spinners
7 Female Duns
3 Male Duns
10 Nymphs
1 Female Adult
Female Paraleptophlebia (Blue Quills) Mayfly Adult
This female exhibits the dark chocolate color so common in this genus.


Species in Paraleptophlebia
Paraleptophlebia bicornutaLarge Slate-Winged Mahogany Dun58
Paraleptophlebia debilisMahogany Dun13
Paraleptophlebia falcula00
Paraleptophlebia gregalisBlue Quill00
Paraleptophlebia guttataBlue Quill00
Paraleptophlebia helenaMahogany Dun00
Paraleptophlebia packiiMahogany Dun00
Paraleptophlebia praepeditaMahogany Dun00
Paraleptophlebia sculleni223
Paraleptophlebia strigulaBlue Quill00
Paraleptophlebia vaciva00
Paraleptophlebia zayante00
20 species (Paraleptophlebia altana, Paraleptophlebia aquilina, Paraleptophlebia associata, Paraleptophlebia brunneipennis, Paraleptophlebia cachea, Paraleptophlebia calcarica, Paraleptophlebia californica, Paraleptophlebia clara, Paraleptophlebia georgiana, Paraleptophlebia jeanae, Paraleptophlebia jenseni, Paraleptophlebia kirchneri, Paraleptophlebia moerens, Paraleptophlebia ontario, Paraleptophlebia placeri, Paraleptophlebia quisquilia, Paraleptophlebia rufivenosa, Paraleptophlebia sticta, Paraleptophlebia traverae, and Paraleptophlebia volitans) aren't included.
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