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Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

Caddisfly Family Limnephilidae (Giant Sedges)

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Specimens of the Caddisfly Family Limnephilidae

14 Larvae
7 Female Adults
4 Male Adults
6 Adults


» Family Limnephilidae (Giant Sedges)
Genus in Limnephilidae
ChyrandaPale Western Stream Sedges117
DicosmoecusGiant Orange Sedges428
EcclisomyiaEarly Western Mottled Sedges00
FrenesiaDot Wing Winter Sedges00
GrammotauliusNorthern Caddisflies18
HesperophylaxSilver Striped Sedges11
HydatophylaxGiant Cream Pattern-Wing Sedges112
IronoquiaEastern Box Wing Sedges110
LimnephilusSummer Flier Sedges714
NemotauliusNorthern Caddisflies115
OnocosmoecusGreat Late-Summer Sedges548
PlatycentropusChocolate and Cream Sedges13
PsychoglyphaSnow Sedges25
PycnopsycheGreat Autumn Brown Sedges112
32 genera (Allocosmoecus, Allomyia, Amphicosmoecus, Anabolia, Arctopora, Asynarchus, Chilostigma, Chilostigmodes, Clistoronia, Clostoeca, Crenophylax, Cryptochia, Desmona, Ecclisocosmoecus, Eocosmoecus, Glyphopsyche, Grensia, Halesochila, Homophylax, Lenarchus, Leptophylax, Madeophylax, Manophylax, Monophylax, Moselyana, Pedomoecus, Phanocelia, Philarctus, Philocasca, Pseudostenophylax, Psychoronia, and Sphagnophylax) aren't included.
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