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Pteronarcys californica

The giant Salmonflies of the Western mountains are legendary for their proclivity to elicit consistent dry-fly action and ferocious strikes.

Caddisfly Species Dicosmoecus gilvipes (October Caddis)

Where & when

Time of year : September and October

Preferred waters: Medium to large streams

According to LaFontaine in Caddisflies, this is the main species of Dicosmoecus in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Specimens of the Caddisfly Species Dicosmoecus gilvipes

1 Female Adult
Female Dicosmoecus gilvipes (October Caddis) Caddisfly Adult
I've been hoping to add a really good October Caddis to the photo collection here for years, but so far I had struck out on finding them on the river. Tonight, this one flew into the kitchen during a pizza party at a house along the river, and was quickly pointed out -- one of the perks of hanging out with other aquatic biologists! Maybe next year I can finally get a salmonfly on taco night or something.
2 Adults

1 Underwater Picture of Dicosmoecus gilvipes Caddisflies:

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